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Waugh’s Woods Ltd. Liquidates Over $200,000 in Equipment



Waugh’s Woods Ltd. sells their 10th item through Lumbermen's Equipment Digest and  Over the last 2 years, Duncan Waugh, owner, has advertised and sold a complete line up of sawmill equipment, including a Pendu 4400, Pendu 9500, (2) Cardinal carriages, power supplies, lumber handling equipment and most recently a 2014 Bells 6000 firewood professor. Knowing there were many options when looking to liquidate these items, Waugh valued the benefits of advertising and selling the equipment himself to avoid high commission fees and running the risk of the equipment sitting idle and depreciating too far.

The sawmill line was being sold due to poor lumber market conditions.  Like many other liquidations, it took a several months to sell this line up and working with the LED team helped put a package together to ensure the advertising matched his goals which were to completely sell out as much of the equipment as possible for the best market value.  Even with Waugh being located in Manitoba, Canada and facing hurdles such as standard electric set up, currency exchange, exporting customs on top of standard logistics of selling, buyers were found through the marketing efforts.

After making the decision to sell their 2014 Bells 6000 firewood processor, Duncan knew exactly where to go to get this done efficiently, the Lumbermen's Equipment Digest/ team.  After running a large photo ad for 4 months, Duncan was able to reach an agreement to move the processor to a subscriber of LED in the USA.  This will be over 10 individual items sold and over $200,000 of equipment liquidated with the help of his sales rep at Lumbermen's Equipment Digest.

"I have another piece of equipment to sell, a 12” moulder. I didn’t have to wonder where to start, I contacted LED and as usual they had it listed immediately and effectively just like every other time.” - Duncan Waugh