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This Blog's For You

Yes, you!

You’re our reader, audience and what makes the forestry industry tick. It’s estimated that over 40% of all websites are directly or loosely blog based, and are intended to create revenue in various ways; cost-per-click advertising, banner advertising, or get the author of the blog exposure for their potential career in an area. The blog is for one reason, YOU! You as a sawmill manager, skidder operator, equipment dealer, lumber buyer, firewood business owner, woodworker, and every other role between standing trees and finished wood products.

What to Expect in this Blog?

A return on your time by providing valuable information to questions you’ve asked yourself throughout your career from our team with over 100 years of combined experienced. Using our expertise to help educate you on topics ranging from, “How to sell your equipment,” “How Stanfill Lumber found another use for forwarders,” to “The busiest day on the internet.” Questions our company receives often will be answered, questions we have that will be researched and reported on will be answered, and answers to questions some of us didn’t know existed, will be answered. Sometimes, maybe just questions.

What NOT to expect.

Ads, advertorial content, direct sales messages, less than accurate information, along with topics that don’t provide a helping hand. As mentioned in the first paragraph, most blogs exist to drive direct revenue in various ways – this is not one of those. Time wasters, a pointless post or activity online, will also not be found here. Social media, Yahoo, online surveys telling your celebrity match and endless games on our cell phones have those traps already set. This will be to inform, connect and educate our readers.


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