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You've Been Taking Pictures the Wrong Way


...It matters, big time. 

Have you seen the videos online that look like they were recorded with blinders on and the whole time you're cussing the person who posted it?  That's a product of having your phone vertical while using the camera.  The same is true for digital images on your smart phone, except, this is more important.  We're trying to sell equipment that can be worth upwards of $700,000 - turn your phone horizontally and please, take a good picture. 


Why does it matter? Without all the jargon, technical aspects of the vertical vs. horizontal discussion, just remember you're utilizing 1/3 of your camera's capabilities.  It's about proportionality, taking a picture that has the target directly in the middle would require a trim and crop to reshape, but would turn out to a large, zoomed in, granulated image.  We're not quite sure which is worse, but either way, we're here to help rid this problem.

Some devices have "landscape" as an option in the vertical position, and that works just as well.  But, developing the habit of turning your phone (or your buddy's phone) parallel to the ground, regardless of it's 'cool' or not, will save the embarrassment when the images are uploaded online. 

The goal here: Make Equipment Pictures Great Again!